The Little Book Of Detox

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Although it may be small in size, the Little Book of Detox punches well above its weight. For those who want to understand the way the body reacts to good and bad foods, this book will give you the answers. It demonstrates how to rid the body of dangerous toxins and the effect that this will have, as well as exploring how things like de-cluttering the home and workplace or changing the products that you use in your house can help the mind and emotions to detoxify.

Notes about fibre:
· Natural fibre from whole foods promotes good health
· Provides bulk, making stools softer and easier to pass
· It's the perfect food for friendly bacteria
· Soluble fibre helps to lower levels of cholesterol
· Speeds up the transition of waste - this ensures that auto-intoxication is kept to a minimum
· Helps to keep blood sugar levels stable; less insulin is produced
· Makes us feel full and less likely to overeat.