Spiritual Incense Gift Pack

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This Spiritual Incense Gift Pack has six different aromatic scents.

Mystic Aura: The sweet fragrance of Lavender this fairy brings to calm the mind and aid your sleep.

Glimpse of a Unicorn: Through misty coppice the unicorn walks; a Sandalwood fragrance announces his approach and lays the mind at ease.

Dragonkin: First flight can be a stressful time, yet the earthy fragrance of Patchouli helps to stem the anxiety amongst the younglings.

Water Dragon: A chamber is infused by the relaxing scent of White Musk, helping to create a calming influence for the new arrival.   

Oak King: The cleansing and purifying qualities of White Sage drift on the breeze, an accompanying aroma to the magical transformation of the forest.

Spirit Guide: Fragrantly scented Frangipani is wafted on the breeze and mingles with the surf as there she waits.

From the Anne Stokes collection, these incense can bring a pleasant smell to your altar or home.

6 tubes - x20 Incense sticks in each