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Balloons - FAQ December 2022

Hello Everyone,


A little long winded reshare of a previous post we shared back when the balloon wall was first installed 🥰
We would love you to share this post with your friends especially those in Karratha.
We get asked so many questions or see alot of post with the same ones and would love to help.

Do you have balloons?
Yes, Yes we do a lot of them in many colours, themes and if your wanting something we don’t have we can order in.

Is there a helium gas shortage?
Yes, Currently there is and this is unfortunately driving the price of helium up for everyone. We try our very hardest to keep extra gas on hand however we do know this might not always be a possibility in the future. 

Can you blow up our balloons?
Yes we inflate your foil balloons and can quote before hand based on size.
We do not inflate other latex balloons, unfortunately we don’t know how they have been kept, stored and so forth and like foils take no responsibility for popage or deflation once you leave the store if it is your item.

Can you order specific theme, colours and party items in store? 
Yes we can. Usually a week in advance is enough notice to order in however during busy periods we highly recommend getting in as early as you can and we can help you to plan.

How long do latex balloons last?
Will they last overnight ?
We use a premium product to ensure extra float time of your balloons.
While we can never guarantee how long they will stay afloat due to weather, aircon, no aircon and so forth. Least 24hrs minimum float time as long as a few key instructions are followed. We are often told 3-6 days floating for most normal situations. We do not offer latex balloons without hi float anymore, this is simply to avoid disappointment for those of you used to having it put into your balloons and them only lasting 6/8hrs. The only balloons we do without hi float are gender reveals for obvious reasons. 



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